Find peace and love in the everyday.

My art is inspired by the things that have given me hope: nature, animals, and faith. I hope that in my shop, you’ll find something that will give you a moment of joy each time you use it.

Each custom-designed product is aligned our community mission at A VOICE: to move society to see through the eyes of the soul. This mission stands on three key pillars: love of God and His world, love of people, and love of animals. That’s why you’ll find artwork celebrating the beauty of nature, found in its smallest details like the pattern of a leaf or the movement of water. You’ll also find reflections on faith and beautiful animals.

Some of my favorite items are those made with my original vegan rabbit design. I created this design in honor of my bunny, Neon, who lifted me out of a dark place and inspired me to be a compassionate person. It is my hope that our community wearing and using items with this design will help to spread the important message of animal rights. This way, I know that the spirit of Neon lives on.

All proceeds from my art shop support my vital work through A VOICE to uplift the oppressed and help those in need.

Together, we can build a compassionate world.


From a young age, I’ve found creativity to be a source of joy. I hope you’ll find similar joy in reading my writing. In my Amazon store, you’ll find novelettes, novels, and novellas. Each of them will take you on a journey. For me, literature is a wonderful escape to other worlds, but it also helps you to move through our world with renewed energy, perspective, and hope.

Among my stories, you’ll find fearless warriors, eerie ghosts, passionate dancers, new lovers, whip-smart students, and plenty of other characters to intrigue and surprise you. If you’ve read one of my works, please leave a review – I love to hear about readers’ different experiences.

The proceeds from my bookstore support my work as an activist and spokesperson, working to build attention and give support to those who need it: people suffering from abuse and bullying, the homeless, and mistreated animals. I have dedicated my life to working on these causes through art and advocacy. Each purchase makes you part of a global community working to improve lives around the world.

Together, we can build a compassionate world.