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Barry Davidson has spent years honing his craft and becoming one of the best chefs in the business – something he takes immense pride in. However, the nagging feeling that there is something else out there for him never ceases to keep him unsettled and hungry to see and experience more of the world. When an opportunity to take a plunge into something he has never even thought of before presents itself, Barry finds himself carried by the winds of fate and dropped right into the lap of a gorgeous woman who is everything he dreamed of. Will Barry take a chance on love? Or will he retreat back into his comfort zone?

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A popular chef who is notorious for his wit and talent, Barry feels  like a fish out of water when he finds himself on a quest that takes him into unknown territory, with his brand new partner Wisteria at his side. Having dedicated himself mind and body to the food and kitchen which he adores, he is afraid that he will disgrace himself in front of millions by attempting something new. Luckily, the talented and sultry Wisteria stays at his side, helping him find his rhythm. When the attraction between them sparks, Barry isn’t sure he can resist the perfect woman before him even if he tried.


Fires Above

With Stanley’s initial mission turning out to be a success, thanks to his new partner Victoria, he quickly settles into his new life as a secret agent. While the work is challenging and their lives are often put on the line, he’s sure that there’s nothing he can’t do when he has Victoria by his side. However, an unexpectedly dangerous encounter puts Victoria’s life at risk and all Stanley can do is watch as the woman he admires and adores begins to fall apart. Stanley is determined to help her through her trauma and let her heal, even if it means concealing the feelings burning within him.


Quiet Time

As new parents, Adam and Lake need some time to themselves and a short vacation by a warm beach during the cold months is just what the doctor ordered. However, when their infant daughter Jilly becomes ill during their time away, they’re both sick with worry and the vacation that was meant to relax them ends in tension. However, the pair find that they don’t need to fly hundreds of miles away from home to find the calm that they need. With things quickly returning to normal and their routine established, Adam wants to bring more love and stability into their lives – if Lake agrees.


Without Gravity

As a royal princess, Rosalind’s life is in no way ordinary, but her heart’s desires are the same as any woman’s. Her eventual betrothal is a fact of life the Princess came to terms with a long time ago, but the thought of marrying her best friend since childhood, Prince Edmond, sets her heart aflutter even though she’s well into adulthood and knows that the politics of their respective nations would never allow them to unite in a marriage of inconvenience. But the heart wants what it wants, and as much as their lives are entwined deeply with one another’s, they can only hope that fate binds them together forever too.


Save Me

Born into a family of hard earned wealth, Beatrice Hightree felt no need to rush into a suitable marriage, far preferring to enjoy the freedom that a spinster’s life under the care of her father afforded her.  When her father passes away unexpectedly, leaving not just his fortune but also his responsibilities to her, Beatrice knows in her hear that it is time to seek out a reliable partner who will stand by her side but also give her the freedom she is so used to. However, her marriage happens in quite an expected manner and she finds herself wedded in a single hurried moment to an outcast of possibly questionable morals.


Learning to Love

Having taken a condemned man into her home and wedded him to boot, Beatrice adapts to life with her new husband, a handsome brigand by the name of Ezra. Despite her unease about living with a man she has barely known for a day and who is very possibly a criminal with ties to more notorious groups, her new companion’s gentle and quiet nature as well as his sensitivity dispels many of the doubts she first had about him. However, she knows that getting to know each other and her new husband’s past is necessary if their relationship, how short and strange it may be, is to become a success.


 Learning to Love

Finally learning the truth about her new husband’s past and the misunderstanding that led to his current predicament – which by a twist of fate became hers as well – Beatrice is finally at ease and her feelings for Ezra grow. Although Beatrice’s welcome is warm, the people around her are still wary and suspicious of the stranger whom they are convinced is a dishonest man and who has suddenly been elevated above them through pure luck. When things take a turn for the worse and Ezra is caught in the middle, Beatrice fears that things may not turn out exactly how she envisioned them.



Roommates and friends Andrew and Jenna are both starting out their respective careers in law and accounting, and while their jobs are demanding to a point that they hardly even see each other save for an hour or two a day. However, they are connected by the smallest things, even trivial ones like household chores. Being comfortable around each other to an extent that nothing is kept private or considered too personal to share, when Andrew comes across something unexpected, he’s taken by surprise not only at the nature of his discovery but his response to it. Could this be the moment he’s been waiting for?


 A Great Forever

Stuart has always put his family before all else, but when his job takes him far away from his children and his beloved wife Mandy, he’s determined to make the most of his time when he returns home. With promises to keep and love to give, the days fly by quicker than he can imagine. However, with the day of his departure drawing nearer and nearer, Stuart must make his decision. Should he leave the career he has worked to build and be reunited with his wife and children for good? Or should he take the easy path and see what lies ahead?


In Memory

With a father suffering from addiction and a family languishing in poverty, Stella’s life has never been an easy one, but she makes the best of her circumstances by means of her talents. Her nimble fingers and quick wit allows her to accompany her father on his nightly raids on the homes of the fabulously wealthy citizens of their town to take whatever they can get their hands on in order to survive. However, Stella soon tires of the troubled and dishonest life she is forced to lead and plans to flee from home with her little sister Marie in search of peace and freedom.

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As a ballroom dancer, the light of Christina’s life is her performances and her beloved partner David with whom she shares what she believes right to her very core is an unbreakable bond. However, when thing begin to go awry, a wedge is driven between them as their future together teeters on the brink of disaster. With neither of them knowing how to make their feelings and fears known to one another, they dance around the subject until neither of them can avoid it anymore. Will Christina and David reconcile their differences and renew their love and friendship, or will they let the silence tear them apart?

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Secret Maneuver

Stanley Beck is just like any other recruit fresh from the academy; bright eyed, bushy tailed, and determined to be the best agent he can be. When he’s assigned to ARIA, a covert operations organization, Stanley is excited about having a partner to work with on his first mission. His excitement is only magnified when he finds out that the partner he is paired with is none other than Agent 19, a gorgeous and talented female agent whose skills are legendary. However, when push comes to shove and the mission turns dangerous, it’s up to Stanley to trust in his partner and do his best to ensure that they both survive.

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Alissa has always known that she and Sam were meant to be together, but the universe’s proof of the fact seems to be taking its own sweet time in making its appearance. Having to resign herself to the knowledge that the love of her life is still desperately searching for his own, Alissa  tries to turn a blind eye to what’s right in front of her.

Sam has been Alissa’s ever since they met, and he’s sure she knows it too. Even in the face of the definite evidence that they’re meant for each other, does it mean she will feel the same way about him?

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 Resistant Hearts

Matilda Wallace is a creature of a rare breed for her time  – a lone woman leading a group of dedicated and ruthless agents in a quest to defeat those with whom their nation is at odds and protect their countrymen from impending danger. In order to gain an upper hand in her uphill battle, Matilda must embark on a mission which will cause her to question her personal beliefs, sense of morality, and at times, even her sanity. However, with her good friend Earl at her side, grounding her and supporting her in her endeavors, Matilda can work with courage to overcome anything.

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Always  and Forever

Shawn and Andrea have planned an entire future together; the house they will live in, the number of kids they want running around their back yard, and where they’ll vacation in the summer.  However, there is one thing holding them back from their happily ever after – a proposal. Several unsuccessful and casual proposals later, Shawn is determined to do it right once and for all so he can spend the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams. But with his plans foiled time and time again, he begins to wonder if it will ever happen for real.

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Perfect Match

Leanne has always believed in having perfect and complete control over as many aspects of her life as she can, and has reaped the rewards of her hard work. As an entrepreneur and a loving wife to her equally hard working husband Eric, Leanne doesn’t want anything disrupting the flow that is sure to lead to success. However, when the unexpected happens as a result of a moment’s heedlessness, Leanne is faced with uncertainly for the first time in a long time. Will she abandon her carefully constructed goals in favor of an unknown future? Or will she be swept away with the tide?

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When Penelope became the mother of her beautiful baby son David, her life was instantly turned upside down, and her bond with her husband Felix was immediately strengthened beyond her expectations. However, when another surprise comes her way in the form of her daughter Kaycie, while she is elated and completely in love with her baby, Penelope feels lost and out of her depth in the absence of her husband who is away on a business trip. When he reveals to her that he has room in his heart for many more children, she is overcome with doubt but knows that must pull through no matter what.

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Lord of the Castle

At a glance, young Lord Mortimer appears to be a typical boy of aristocratic breeding living in the outskirts of the city. However, the truth is far more complex, or it has been ever since his life became entangled with that of a certain mysterious Count who helped him discover the innate talents residing within him. Impressed by his aptitude for the unknown and unseen, the Count takes Lord under his wing in hopes that the boy will flourish under his tutelage. What he does not suspect, however, is that Lord’s uniqueness extends far beyond his abilities and into territories yet unexplored.

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When All Hallow’s Eve rolls around, magically gifted college students like Mystica’s and her friends’ lives are suddenly brimming with excitement in anticipation of what’s to come – the much anticipated annual Halloween party where anything can happen and all is possible. However, not all is well as scandal and betrayal rocks her tight knit group of friends and leaves Mystica alone and heartbroken when she finds that she has once again placed her trust in someone far too easily. When an opportunity presents itself for the wrongdoer to make his amends and for Mystica to forgive and forget, she must make her choice.

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Crown of Hearts

Dustin’s upbringing has been unorthodox – any child’s would be if they were raised in a close knit group of travelling showmen – but strangely, that has never been the most unusual part of his life. The part that defines him has always been his dreams; strange, constant, and specific. Unable to decipher their meanings, Dustin has floated through life, waiting for it all to make sense, for the pieces to begin to fit together. Things start to become clearer when he meets Vianne, a girl so special that he is sure that his dreams have led him to her. However, unbeknownst to Dustin, there is more that is yet to be revealed.

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Living a life of abject poverty, Stella soon becomes accustomed to accompanying her father as he ventures out into the wealthy suburbs to take by force what fate had never given to him and his family. With no other means of survival in a harsh world, she comes to terms with her actions and uses her skills to ensure her family’s survival. However, when their troubles drive her father to addiction, Stella longs to make her escape with her beloved sister Marie at her side so she can see the world and fend for herself while living the life of freedom she has always yearned for.

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As a professional tennis player, Lucy’s life revolved primarily around her beloved sport and the people involved in it, so her doubles partner and best friend Alex was naturally the most important person in her life. However, things can never stay the same, and when the time for retirement was ripe, took the opportunity to build a life outside the sport that took her best years – all gladly given. When her daughter Sarah is born, Lucy’s priorities change as she revels in the novelty of motherhood, but as time passes, she can’t help wondering what she gave up when she made the decision to love someone and leave another.

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When her long-time friend Luke, a police officer with a passion for his work, needs a place to stay, Penelope never thought that a few weeks could make such a big difference. When he moves in along with his newly-adopted puppy Edgar, Penelope’s structured days are interrupted, but much to her surprise, she realizes that she doesn’t mind at all. Instead, she begins to enjoy the constant company, and as the days fly by, she finds herself slowly falling for her friend. She’s unsure whether Luke feels the same way about her and worries that it may simply be an effect of spending so much time together in close quarters, so it’s up to Luke to put her fears to rest.

Animals 3

Nathaniel and Katie have been friends for years, and everyone knows that they’re inseparable. However, sharing everything but romance with each other has been a constant challenge, especially when it comes to the question of whom they’re dating. As far as Nathaniel is concerned, the question isn’t as difficult to answer as it seems because he knows his best friend will always be waiting for him. Using her as an excuse to avoid other relationships over the years, the truth begins to dawn on him at long last and Nathaniel must transform the years of fiction into reality and claim the love that has always been his for the taking.

Animals 4

As young dancers brimming with energy and passion, Riley and Jake are determined to work hard and achieve their dream of becoming professionals. However, the path to success is never smooth, and when they hit a rough patch, the temperamental Jake is filled with frustration and anger. With his future career as well as hers on the line, Riley must placate her partner and reveal a secret that she has kept from him for far too long. Even though what she will reveal may threaten their partnership, friendship, and the romance budding between them, they must trust in and lean on each other to face what is yet to come.

Animals 5

Although Britta is usually attuned to her boyfriend Graham’s moods, it takes her a while to realize that the demands of his job are taking a toll on him. Noticing the tenseness and insomnia that has been building over time, she knows she must do something about it and comes up with the perfect plan to de-stress and relax the love of her life: an evening of romance and a luxurious oil massage. While things go exactly according to plan at first and Graham seems more relaxed than he’s been in months, he seems to have a different ending to the evening in mind and Britta is more than happy to oblige.

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Although dancers Jake and Riley are partners in everything they can think of, they haven’t crossed the line into romance despite the strong chemistry and attraction between them, fearing that it would put their career at peril. However, as Riley begins to grow popular in the circuit, especially among the male dancers, Jake can’t help but feel a sting of jealousy when his partner is whisked away by another man. As a dynamic and attractive person himself, Jake draws in prospective romantic partners like flies to honey, but he only has eyes for one girl in the room and he’s determined to make her his, no matter the cost.

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Life in a rural military base where routine and rigorous training is the focus of their day can become monotonous even for special ops agents, but Rupert and Tahlia are content to have each other’s company, which they both enjoy more than they would like to admit. Experiencing an especially bad day, Tahlia has an unorthodox request for Rupert which takes him by surprise, but he is willing to do anything to make her feel better. With the gap between them quickly closing as they become more intimate with each other, the two agents realize that they are entering dangerous territory.


Everything in Elias’ life is finally falling in place as he finds himself head over heels in love with the gorgeous model Faith Morel who is impossibly beautiful both without and within, and ready to start a family and a new life together. However, when Elias receives a sudden and unexpected call, his world suddenly turns upside down as he rushes to the bedside of his beloved Faith, hoping against hope that he is not too late to save her.


With Faith traumatized by her ordeal and afraid to return to her home, Elias gently attempts to reintroduce her to everyday life although it soon becomes painfully aware that the task is easier said than done. With things slowly returning to normal, Elias is optimistic about Faith’s recovery but acknowledges that she still needs his constant care. However, Faith comes to the realization that she is holding her boyfriend back and moves away, wanting to do what is best for Elias and his future.

Loving FAITH

Healing takes time, home, and love, and Elias is prepared to wait a lifetime for Faith if it means that she can find her safe place and happiness once more. With the help of her family, Faith recovers from her ordeal and finally decides that the time has come for her to return to Elias so that the rest of their lives can begin once more.


When law enforcement officer Daniel wakes up as a Ghost with no recollection of how he died, he fears for his friend and partner Starr’s safety. Devastated by his disappearance and assuming the worst, Starr spirals into a deep depression and all Daniel can do is watch on as she cracks under the pressure and pain. However, when he finally discovers a way in which he can communicate with her from the other side, Daniel hopes that she can hear him and come to his rescue because so much has been left unsaid between them.


Daniel regrets that he has never revealed his true feelings to Starr and now he can do nothing but trail after her as a spirit, unseen and unwilling to leave her side, convinced that she can sense his presence. When the police department picks up on a new lead, Starr defies her superiors’ orders to keep away from the case and begins her own investigations based on the snippets of memories and glimpses into his final moments that Daniel plants in her mind. Although Daniel fears for Starr’s safety during her quest, he knows she is the only one who can find him.


A sudden wave of blazing heat incapacitates the entire city and its effects on Jax Thaddeus are only intensified by the presence of the beautiful Sasha Johansson When Sasha comes across Jax in a rather compromising situation, she begins to realize the depth of her feelings and attraction towards the handsome man. Although she tries to damp down the desire she feels for her friend, Jax is relentless in his pursuit and unaware of her inner turmoil. With the weather warming their bodies and whetting their desires, it only seems to be a matter of time before they are united.


Shania and Jared look forward to spending time together exploring foreign cities, revelling in their new-found love, and taking all of the sweetest pleasures that life may offer them. However, tragedy strikes and they find themselves stranded on a strange island which at first glance seems uninhabited and unwelcoming to the two lovers. Wounded and in need of aid after their crash landing, the pair are determined to survive and venture out into the depths of the forest in search of redemption. However, help is far closer at hand than either of them know.


When the crew of the transporter Hawk rescue a mysterious and beautiful aquatic alien who has seemingly been abandoned by her kind, the creature promptly imprints itself on the handsome Steven Kane, much to the annoyance of his fellow crew member Grace Ellis. Although she believes her concern is for the reputation of her friend and the well-being of the alien girl, she can’t ignore the stab of jealousy she feels when she sees Steven with her, and assumes that the two will soon initiate a romantic relationship. However, their rescuee seems to have other plans.

Into the Sunset

During a great and devastating war, the breakdown of society begins and survival is the only things on Gabriel’s mind. Returning to his hometown, he is reunited with his group of childhood friends including his sweetheart Chastity who is still hurt by Gabriel’s betrayal many years ago. Desperation driving them to take risks, their group grows ever smaller until Gabriel finds himself fighting for survival with only Chastity by his side, dreaming of a future where they can finally be together.

New World

Noah must grow up quickly and act beyond his years when the world goes up in flames and the undead rise from the ashes. He is grateful to find companionship and security in the company of three friends who welcome him into their tight-knit group but he can’t help but feel like an outsider. However, holed up in an old building in their struggle to survive, things between them begin to change and evolve, and draws them all ever closer in brotherhood.


PETA has always considered his transformations a curse that sentenced him to a sad existence in the middle of the forest, hated and feared by everyone. However, when he comes across Pauline, a runaway princess, his entire life takes a turn for the better, and for the first time in his life, he finds himself loved and cherished; something he thought a boy who suddenly turned into a dragon with no warning could never have. However, their happiness seems doomed to be short lived as Pauline is discovered and taken back to the life that she thought she had escaped for good, and PETA’s curse turns out to be a blessing in disguise as he takes to the skies to rescue his princess.

Heartsick (1)

James has never been particularly good at nursing people back to health and usually has no interest in doing so, regardless of whom the sick person may be. However, when his friend and co-worker Keira for whom he has a soft spot comes down with the flu, Jason finds himself taking up the role of the caregiver without a second thought. Spending his days at Keira’s home looking after her and keeping her company, James becomes ever closer to her and they finally reach a turning point in their relationship.

Deep Space (1)

When captain of the pirate ship Advent Kate Romijn and her crew come across the remains of a federation ship, what at first glance appears to be a veritable gold mine of loot turns out to be a death sentence as they find themselves face to face with a formidable enemy in the form of Captain Daniel Theron. However, Kate senses that there is something behind the cold and formal façade that the Federation captain projects, something sinister and yet completely fascinating. 

Losing Sight

When a string of brutal murders with a curious twist rock her hometown, law enforcement officer Scarlett is determined to find the perpetrator and bring him to justice with the help of her long-time partner Pace. Although she is convinced that she will get to the bottom of the mystery, it is not until their investigation places Pace in mortal danger that Scarlett realises just how complex the situation really is, both in terms of the case as well as her feelings for her partner.

The Marionette Series

Ryan is perfectly content with his life, keeping busy at his shop while the world rushes by, only stepping out for a drink and some friendly banter with his friends at his usual haunt. When the strange new waitress at the club somehow quietly makes her way into his life, Ryan finds that despite his preference for his own company he finds her companionship pleasant and comfortable, but it is not until she suddenly disappears that he realizes just how much he misses her. When Emma returns at long last, Ryan is surprised by how happy he is to have the quirky girl by his side once again. Finally mustering up the courage to reveal the feelings he harbors for her, Ryan is elated to find that his love is requited. However, when Emma shows up in a curious condition one day, the surprising truth about her is finally revealed and Ryan doesn’t know how to feel about her anymore. 


With her ambition of becoming a scientist on hold as she helps her mother run their family business in her small hometown, Emmeline’s life is anything but eventful until she makes an unusual discovery which at first seems completely harmless but turns out to be dangerous and even potentially deadly. Finding herself out of her depth, Emmeline shares her secret with her friend and regular customer Roger Remmington for whom she has harbored fond feelings, and soon finds that she may need more help to contain the situation than she previously anticipated.

Animals 1

When Theo Innis is assigned the investigation of a potential homicide at the luxurious Sondheim Hotel, a lavish retreat for socialites, never in his wildest dreams does he imagine that the gorgeous Cassandra Miller could be a potential suspect to the crime. Having long harbored an impossible desire and deep love for Cassandra, Theo is determined to prove her innocence to the world, even though all evidence and rationality point to her guilt.

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Fiona is apprehensive about her first day as a doctoral student at a small-town university, especially upon making the acquaintance of her supervisor Professor Drake- ominously nicknamed ‘The Dragon’- whose reputation as a brusque and antisocial character precedes him. However, she is immediately put at ease upon meeting her eclectic mix of peers and finds herself drawn into the speculation surrounding the beautiful geologist Brianna’s mysterious new boyfriend.

Animals 3

When her family falls victim to a deadly disease which begins to spread at lightning speed across the globe, Madison Royce seeks out the only man who possesses the cure, a brilliant scientist and her former lover Mathieu Light. Despite being unable to fathom Mathieu’s reasons for withholding the cure from the rest of the world, Madison gradually uncovers the secrets deeply entwined in his past and his quest for immortality.

Animals 4

When her family attempts to force Cordelia to wed her newly betrothed- a prince whom she knows nothing of- against her will, she flees from her home city in hopes of finding shelter and protection in her uncle’s neighboring kingdom. Unused to the trials and tribulations of the life of a nomad fugitive, Cordelia fears that she will be captured before she can make her escape. However, when she chances upon Flavian, a simple peasant who offers her refuge, she finds how quickly her heart can be won by true love and kindness.

Wild Child

Alaine McCarthy, a brilliant young hacker and the sole heir to her wealthy family’s estate, is sick and tired of being trapped within the walls of her home under the watchful eye of her mother Morrigan, who is determined to guard her daughter’s secret in order to preserve her family’s reputation and ensure the success of their ventures.  Following a failed escape attempt, Alaine is assigned a guardian to ensure her safety. However, her new handler Bryce is not the dominating and cruel man that she expected him to be, but is instead sympathetic to her plight and genuinely concerned about her wellbeing. Will the distrustful and wayward Alaine be able to put her trust in Bryce when things start to go south?

jennacover.pngWhen researcher-inventor Clay meets Jenna, a gorgeous woman who seems perfect in every possible way, he is instantly smitten. However, he is surprised to find that she is in fact an android programmed to adopt human behavior through immersion in social situations. Upon discovering that the droid’s creators rid them of their autonomy to control them and make them more malleable, he embarks on a mission to give the machines an emotional component and integrate them into human society. Having convinced his superiors that his invention would result in more capable androids, Clay launches project J.E.N.N.A in an effort to create the perfect sentient machine. 


When her daughter is brutally killed by an evil sociopath, Alexandra Storm realizes that justice is the last thing she would get in a society corrupted by the lure of power and greed.

Appalled by the corruption, crime and cruelty around her, Alexandra embarks on a mission to eradicate the evil and deliver justice to the poor and the helpless while she hunts for her daughter’s killer, Lynn Brook.But her path is not easy, for Lynn is more than a master manipulator and a ruthless killer. 

Guided by her love for her daughter and with vengeance as her weapon, Alexandra Storm is the only one who can stop Lynn and save the world from eternal darkness.