THE TALES FROM ABBOTT’S CLIFFE is equal parts mystery, campfire horror stories, and thriller.From the imaginative and innovative mind of Dr. Shenita, here lies a collection of interrelated stories chronicling one small, Pacific Northwestern town as they battle with demons—their own personal demons, and the creatures that steal day from the night and come out of their hollows to hunt, but for what? The answer to this question and so much more rests within approximately twenty thousand words packed with action, pure terror, and even a spark of romance in an otherwise, seemingly, endless night. The human soul is tested to the extreme, placing each person (and creature’s) faith, in themselves, in each other, in spiritual matters, into question. Those that overcome survive. Others. . .



People just didn’t last very long outside of the Walls. Mosquito was inside the Walls, and only Mosquito scared off an early and slow death. Throughout her childhood, Isen’s mother did every degrading job she could throw together in order to send her to the tiny Wall-sponsored school out in the Dark. Now, with her mother dead and her certificate in hand, she forks over every last cent of her own savings to take the exam that admits her to vocational training and a life inside the Walls—at long last, all her mother’s sacrifices are not in vain. Isen is thankful for the life of drudgery that allows her to be inoculated regularly with life-saving Mosquito, but she soon finds that life inside the Walls and the bustling city inside them is complicated in ways that even her childhood in the Dark could not prepare her for.



In her dreams, there’s a flash of soft lavender color, then he’s there, a warm smile, a soft touch, and Eliza can breathe again. She peacefully co-exists with her husband in her dreams, whispering soft words of love, joking about old times, and planning for a bright and splendid future. When she wakes, however, Phillip isn’t there beside her anymore. The joy slowly fades from her face and she stays in bed, listening to him move around downstairs until she finally hears the door open and her quiet, angry husband to leave. Longing for her dreams to escape the puzzling problems of her marriage, Eliza sleeps whole days away and lives inside a dream (or fantasy?) where Phillip is still the love of her life, and she of his. Everything is perfect, until her dreams and reality take on a frightening dissociation from each other, and a medical emergency prompts the real Phillip to stand by her side again, and the Man of Her Dreams becomes too close for comfort.