Dr. Shenita Etwaroo is a combination of a great many things, and her list of accolades is almost as long as she is. She is a loving daughter to a beautiful angel up in heaven, a victim of bullying, death threats, and sexual harassment, to name a few. Shenita began her life with a measure of compassion and sensitivity, and believes that the Lord gave her a couple of extra dashes of both of those things when he made her. While some may call her a bleeding heart, Shenita called herself a beating heart, ever in motion, strong and powerful, and full of love and affection and respect for all living things in God’s creation. Partly due to her own childhood, adolescent, teenage, and early adulthood experiences being bullied by people who she believed were her friends, as well as other horrific occurrences which are connected to that bullying, including sexualization and trauma, Shenita has spent her life trying to raise up other people, and help them to fight against their own bullies and demons that prevent them from having a happy and full life. One such person was her beloved mother, Shirley Savitree , a beautiful woman who devoted her life to her family and was also abused, neglected, hurt, and otherwise mistreated. This has put Shenita on a lifelong course of seeking social justice, meaning that she is not afraid to fight for human rights, for human beings to be treated like human beings, for fairness, equality, for protecting women and children. With relentless pursuit of justice, Shenita devotes much of her time to charitable purposes as well, helping those in need. To borrow from an old cliché, Shenita is the type of person to give you the shirt off her back if you needed it, and many people have found their way toward serving God in similar ways through her hard work.

There is another important facet in the gem that is Dr. Shenita Etwaroo, however. She is known for overcoming a great many obstacles and for her loving devotion to her deceased mother, now with her King Jesus Christ, for her tireless pursuit of human rights, but Shenita is notorious for her works in animal rights. As a lifelong friend of the animals, Shenita’s story begins as a young child who felt physically ill at the prospect of eating meat. She simply could not keep it down, and, as her life progressed, she began to spend more and more time with animals and much less time with human beings, who had proven themselves to be unflinchingly cruel and heartless towards her, uncaring of her wellbeing. Shenita began to care for the stray cats and dogs in her neighborhood in secret, sneaking out scraps of food for them, leaving dishes of water so that she was providing their own little oasis in the midst of a dark and uncaring world.Animals became her true companions even when she could offer them no home, and it was from that unconditional love and sense of unity that Shenita later derived her freely giving, generous, compassionate spirit—and the drive to follow through.

Shenita became a vegan, and discovered another source of strength to help her out through tired times, through times when her life seemed to mean nothing to those around her, when she was harassed, and suffered through a confusion that shook the very core of her being. Through this plant-based lifestyle, Shenita became stronger, and noticed a significant change in her physical health. Throughout her life when she had eaten animal products, it had actually had an adverse effect on her health, contrary to what she had been told, like a slow poison. With this strength, she began to build an empire, to build a life that she was determined to make completely cruelty free. Her little companion animal, a bunny rabbit named Neo, gave her true strength, as well. Her desire to make a good life for her helped to inform her desire to make a good life for all God’s creatures—man and animals alike.

In more recent years, Shenita has become vocal about her own struggles with mental illness to provide a beacon of hope for those who silently suffer, as she did for so many years. It is her firm belief that mental illness is not something that one should feel shame for, any more than one should feel shame for a disease like diabetes or meningitis. She has stepped out of the shackles of shame that used to root her to the ground, and now she fights for the wide spread of awareness for all mental illnesses, services for those that suffer from mental illnesses, and fair treatment in all things for those who are suffering from mental illness—be it depression or bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder, Shenita is there to fight for your rights. For much of her life, Shenita felt as though she were encapsulated in a dark cloud and insulated from the world around her, which she desperately wanted to be part of. Very few were receptive to her cries for help, but with the proper support, she succeeded, and she is resolved to hear every cry and let them be answered. She came to see that there were many who felt shrouded in the same sort of darkness that she had for so many years, and decided once and for all that she was to stand for those that could not stand for themselves.

Merriam-Webster defines activism as “a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue”. Dr. Shenita Etwaroo defines activism as a fire, sparked by common decency, fed by all the injustices in the world—child sex trafficking, animal abuse, spirits broken by tyrannical political systems, Christians, Muslims, and Jews, persecuted by those that would steal their faith from them, women beaten by unfaithful husbands, small children abandoned in the streets, families unsure of how to survive without access to clean water. Strengthened by her own deep devotion to her Christian faith and sustained by the loving messages of God, she carves a path in the world for those who are oppressed to follow her to better places and enriched lives. If every man, woman, child, and animal is not permitted to live under the same umbrella of freedoms and rights, including the right not to be eaten, for pity’s sake, then her work as an activist is far from done.

There are several mediums through which Shenita engages in animal rights activism and human rights activism, but she anchors herself and her works in charity. She holds steadfast the belief that activism without charitable deeds is, to borrow from another cliché, all bark, no bite. In order to have true empathy towards others and their struggles, we must be willing to give what little (or lot) that we can give to lessening the suffering of others. Shenita herself has spent countless hours in various roles within charitable organizations.She has served countless meals to homeless humans and animals, whether by ladling gallons of soup at soup kitchens across New York or by donating kibbles to pet shelters or even by filling the bowls herself as she cleaned out cages to give shelter animals clean and healthy living areas.

Where Shenita truly shines is when she combines her boundless intellect, talent, and compassion, converging on projects for animal rights, human rights, and Christianity. She has long produced blog posts and articles throughout the web, topics ranging from all across her network of passions and causes. Some have even been published and reproduced in prestigious sites and online magazines and newsletters, spreading the reach of her love for humankind and animals and God as far as the message can be spread. Her love for writing began as a young child, when she would spend her hours out playing with the neighborhood pets and strays, composing little poems and imaginative stories about their adventures. Shenita never tired of her love of writing, just as she never tired of her love for the animals that have always been her friends.

Yet another facet of Shenita’s life as a witness and activist is her work in media projects such as film. She has been a writer, producer, and director, and uses each of her credits in a way that in some form benefits a cause close to her heart. She truly enjoys her time behind a camera and in working with other film writers, producers, and directors. She is particularly adept at making tricky productions come together, and some have even called her a budding script doctor. When it comes right down to it, whatever it is, Shenita Etwaroo is all about making it work, whatever ‘it’ happens to be, because as long as there is still a breath of air inside of her lungs, she is searching for the next way to bring light into an otherwise dark and stormy world.

 These are difficult and uncertain times in which we all live in, and Shenita is no fool to that. All across America, there are more and more people becoming destitute and given to unfortunate circumstances that threaten their livelihood and wellbeing. The same is true for animals, with protections being rolled back to the point that it is now legal again to hunt bears and wolves in Alaska from a helicopter. That statement, because it is truly insane and ludicrous, bears repeating: from a helicopter!  Although she has recently cared for her mother throughout her difficult battle with cancer and subsequent passing on to Heaven, Shenita is still wearing her game face, ready to take on each of these problems headlong. Standing tall even through her grief, Shenita is always inspired by the spirit of her loving mother, a charitable and kind woman, to do great deeds and seek monumental achievement.

It has long been a dream of Shenita’s to become a published author, and she has achieved this dream many times over. Her books have been published on Amazon in the past, and many of her short stories and other forms of writing have been featured on websites with heavy web traffic. She is thoughtful when she takes pen to paper, and embodies the messages that are resonant in her heart and in her daily life. Quotations from Shenita, be it books or articles or posts or musings, are shared far and wide, especially on social media, where she has begun to make significant impact.

In the coming months and years, expect to see much more from Dr. Shenita Etwaroo. With many upcoming nonfiction books, novels, novellas, poems, short films, and much more, her ambitions have come to fruition thanks to tireless effort and tremendous work ethic. As her empire grows and her platform spreads, Shenita remembers what is truly important. With the word of God guiding her every minute, she thinks of the rabbits. She thinks of the polluted rivers. She thinks of the children being torn from the arms of their parents. She considers the last members of once great species, dying alone in this world with no fellows to surround them. Shenita picks up her pen and makes a note to herself, check how many bags of food the cat shelter needs. She stands up with her cup of tea, walks to the window, and smiles at the world beyond her home, ready to make her impression upon it.

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