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From the creative and innovative mind of Dr. Shenita Etwaroo comes HEAVEN HELP ME!, a brand new non-fiction volume that seeks to help troubled minds and souls find their solace in the arms of their Lord. The introductory portion of the book begins with confirmation, and with personal messages from the author depicting her own struggles through life, including such series and traumatizing events as death threats, bullying, and severe abuse.

The message of the book progresses with the intention of touching on many matters relevant to the Gen X/millennial portion of our population in general which may leave them feeling hopeless and helpless. With quotes from the Scriptures and measured doses of wisdom, HEAVEN HELP ME! addressing such matters as financial distress, sexual trauma, loss of friends and loved ones, various forms of mental illness, and other concerns of spiritual crisis.

HEAVEN HELP ME! also teaches us about Christ’s wealth of love, not only for us, but for all His creatures. A plant-based lifestyle is explored with the explanation that all life on earth should be respected. Respecting God’s creation is important, as is ‘we shall not kill’.




Dr. Shenita Etwaroo is not the sort of person who can stand by and let injustice thrive in a world meant to be so beautiful. That’s why she’s written her newest non-fiction manuscript, COME TOGETHER. Now, more than ever, we live in deeply divided times, in a deeply divided country. The political and social issues have all of us turning against each other, and embolden those who would cast stones at their brothers and sisters for committing the ‘crime’ of being an immigrant, being a Jew, being disabled, being of a darker persuasion.

COME TOGETHER seeks to shed light on these injustices that surround us, and that many of us may yet be too blind to see. Chronicling her own life and the life of her strong mother, Shenita tells the stories of the abuses she and her mother suffered. These abuses are all too common, and they violate not only the individual, not just the collective, but human rights as a concept. At its core, COME TOGETHER is a narrative and a journey to bring light into the world.

Every human being, regardless of race or creed or any other factor, deserves to be treated with autonomy, respect, to have their basic needs met, to live freely and without violation. By coming together to dissect our issues and learn how to face each day as a humanist, we make the world, bit by bit, a better place. We turn our faces to the light and shun the dark, and, in doing so, we inherently raise the hands of our brothers and sisters, shield them from evil.


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The Compassion of Beauty:

The Compassion of Beauty is an all-new guide on vegan beauty written by long-time animal rights activist and vegan, Shenita Etwaroo. Whether you’re full on vegan yourself, or just interested in removing cruelty from your beauty routine, this new look at new looks is bound to help you out in your journey for ethical standards for your everyday beauty regimen. It’s high time we show the naysayers that not all veg*ns are pale, pasty, unkempt ladies—quite the contrary! Whether you’re a total noob to the world of animal rights or a seasoned member looking for a new trick or two, this hot and exciting new tome has got you covered. Animal rights is about to take the fashion world by storm.



When the summer takes Andre and his mother Iris far away from home and to Brook Harbor where nothing exciting ever seems to happen, little do they know that the sleepy town has its own share of secrets that are guarded closely by its occupants. Despite his conviction that the summer is going to be the most boring one yet, Andre finds himself surrounded by new friends and somehow entangled in a web of secrets that he must unwind. Meanwhile, Iris finds that despite being stuck in a loveless marriage, the old adage still holds true; the heart wants what it wants.

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THE TALES FROM ABBOTT’S CLIFFE is equal parts mystery, campfire horror stories, and thriller.From the imaginative and innovative mind of Dr. Shenita, here lies a collection of interrelated stories chronicling one small, Pacific Northwestern town as they battle with demons—their own personal demons, and the creatures that steal day from the night and come out of their hollows to hunt, but for what? The answer to this question and so much more rests within approximately twenty thousand words packed with action, pure terror, and even a spark of romance in an otherwise, seemingly, endless night. The human soul is tested to the extreme, placing each person (and creature’s) faith, in themselves, in each other, in spiritual matters, into question. Those that overcome survive. Others. . .